Piping Engineers and Consultants

snwel Engineering®’s Piping Team has expertise in designing piping layouts for different industries such as Oil & Gas, Mining & Metals, Pharmaceutical, Paper & Pulp, Water Treatment, Power and Petrochemicals. The team is familiar with application of codes and standards such as ANSI, ISO, DIN, IS and ASME, and has executed projects involving simple skid designs to large and complex process plants. As a value engineering partner to Clients, snwel Engineering® also has expertise in space management analysis and applying key space management concepts to optimize the plant, equipment and piping layout, while ensuring adherence to client specifications, codes and standards.

snwel Engineering®’s Piping Engineering Services includes

Plot Plan, Equipment Layout and Piping Layout Engineering
3-D modelling of complete Layout along with Equipment and Piping arrangements
Structural Layouts and Detail Construction/Fabrication Drawings
Piping Detailed Drawings (GA Drawings & Isometrics)
Pipe Support Design and Selection
Material Take Off for Piping, Valves and Insulation
Piping System Revamp Engineering
Piping System Integrity Audit
Laser Scanning & As-Built Modelling for Piping Facilities

Advanced 3D modelling of layout

snwel Engineering®’s highly experienced piping and layout specialists apply their expertise and advanced 3D modelling to optimise the utilisation of space and operational requirements for all types of facilities. snwel Engineering® employs state-of-the-art intelligent 3D CAD systems to accurately model equipment, piping, structures and cable trays. We have expertise to execute the layout design in CAD systems such as Plant 3D, MPDS4, Open Plant, PDS, PDMS, SM3D and SP3D
snwel Engineering® is a team of professionals passionate about all things piping and stress analysis, we believe in developing expertise through specialization, training, and mentorship. We’ve developed a team of leading piping and pipe stress engineers and consultants.
Specialization has kept our company efficient, reducing turnaround times, and providing practical, cost effective, and implementable solutions that make sense.

We support our multi-discipline/project engineering clients by providing the best piping engineering possible.

If multi-discipline support is requested, we have relationships with other companies that specialize and refer clients/projects to each other regularly.

We support owner and operator companies by giving them the experienced, “We’ve seen that before, and here’s how to fix it” support they need to get up and running and stay running.

snwel Engineering® fosters mentorship, training, and field experience with its team of engineering consultants. Our processes are fit for purpose. Our pipe engineering team always maintains senior oversight. snwel Engineering® utilizes leading industry trends and best-practices and insists on getting the job done right. snwel Engineering® encourages and supports on- going training, even for experienced engineers.

Our on-site experiences along with a history of great mentoring and significant training produce very practical and sound piping designs from a construction, commissioning, and operations perspectives. We take pride in our piping designs, we know what piping layouts work and why. We go beyond producing ‘Code Compliance Reports’.
Whether you’re looking for a team of piping engineers to service your complete piping engineering needs, or supplement your internal manpower and technical expertise, contact us to see how we can help . We’re the go to experts for pipe engineering in Kolkata.

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